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Vex Yoga & Fitness offers Semi-private yoga & fitness classes designed to increase flexibility, stability, muscle and cardiac function. We are your one-stop-shop for full body wellness. Strategically designed yoga sequences and workouts provide you with the perfect combination of fitness and recovery in one studio at an affordable cost. Our mission is to create a space where everybody is comfortable, from beginners through advanced students. Class sizes are limited providing that personal attention you desire.


Vex Yoga Flow

Here at Vex Yoga we believe life is all about balance. Having a healthy relationship between taking care of yourself, your family, and work. We also believe in being true to yourself, and that includes being true to your emotions. So often in life we get caught up in social expectations, or dwell on our inner feelings. Instead of expressing ourselves, we hide and harbor in the stress of our emotions. This class is about letting those social expectations go, and embracing exactly how your feel, excepting what is, and letting that shit go. Its a mental and emotional spring cleaning. This is a class where we turn on some rock music a little louder than normal, to get out of our heads and just allow ourselves to FEEL. Its a fun class, good times and you’ll leave feeling emotionally 10lbs lighter!


An energetic, invigorating class designed to strengthen, tone and stretch. A level 1-2 class, all levels of experience and fitness will find this class as challenging (or not!) as they desire.

Gentle Flow

A slower yoga flow class with more emphasis on stretching and holding poses for a longer period of time. A level 1 class, (with level 2 options provides) it is perfect for all levels of experience and fitness, and a great way to build strength and flexibility.

Restorative Flow

Stretch, relax, melt into deep poses meant to restore both body and mind. A level 1 class, great for anyone and everyone, and especially wonderful as a recovery class after a workout.

Functional Training

An energetic combination of strength, core, endurance and cardiovascular training. Each workout is designed to challenge your body in new and different ways so you will always feel excited about your next workout and will never get bored. These workouts create an “after burn” effect through interval training (HIIT) which will continue burning calories and fat long after your workout is over. These classes are designed for all fitness levels, and modifications will be offered to both reduce or increase the intensity to suit your personal goals and current fitness status.

Suspension Band Training

Also known as TRX, or SBT, Suspension Band Training utilizes gravity and body weight to stabilize and train your core and virtually every other muscle in your body. This type of training builds a rock solid core, and reduces body fat while gaining strength and muscle. Every exercise is adjustable for all levels, simply changing the angle of your body changes the resistance, so this class is for everyone!


It’s Yoga and Tea Time!

Tea has been an informal yoga tradition that’s taken root over the years, and the growing interest about the various health benefits of tea have made it a welcome addition to yoga as one more way to embrace healthy living.

Join Vicky Nguyen, one of our yoga instructors, and Brian Arizaga, our tea enthusiast, in experiencing the bridge between yoga and tea.

Cost: $10 for members $25 non-members (feel free to change)
Max Capacity: 8


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